Address hidden hunger and gut-health

We want to educate the consumers about the importance of gut health and about the benefits of fermented and gut-friendly foods.

We strongly believe that our food innovations can improve human health and life quality.

Our ultimate goal is to address malnutrition by innovating sustainable and highly nutritious fermented Probitat food concepts.

We want to improve the nutritional value of the food products by using highly nutritious ingredients and fermentation technology, to strengthen the human intestinal microbiota and to enhance the absorption of the natural nutrients from the food Itself.

We are dedicated to promote sustainable farming and support local farmers.

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Get sample of helthy bacterial solution to increase nutrition value of plan-based products

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Base Frameset

Salient Package

Salient main frame, G4 Link Tube, 220mm Travel, EVOX Link, Micro Truss, Enhanced Armor

Wheels & Tires

Infinity R5

20mm front, 150×10 rear, Ultra durable J3 Group Issue Tires 26.5″x2.4″


Nectar Triggers 26X

HyperX Crank 48, Salient K7M Chain, Ultra6 Bottom Bracket, 10 Speed up/down Gearbox


Nectar Set

Elite Ultra Comfort Seat, Salient xGrip Handlebars 32mm, Orbit Bearing