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Suomalainen Menestysresepti, episode 3, product development and packaging. At this point of the competition I figured out I don’t think like others… What can I say, I am a scientist with very strong values.

For me, product development is all about making a product that consumers need and will benefit. So for me, it’s all about ingredients that contribute to the nutritional value of the final product, that taste good and give good texture. I won’t bring a product that doesn’t combine all these three.

Packaging… instead of thinking about the design, I thought about our responsibility as a company to the environment, about choosing the most recyclable option and what is most practical and convenient to the consumer. But again, I realized how important design is and that that’s exactly what I am expected to present from now on! Not my cup of tea but still it needs to be done.

Moments like Annika had, we all had. I had! I am surprise they didn’t show 😁 It is really hard when you are trying your best but it is not enough. But those are the moments when you perform the best, as Annika will show 😘

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