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Hi, my name is Carme Plumed-Ferrer and I have created Mo’zumo. I am Spanish, from Barcelona, and moved to Finland 19 years ago. I wanted to travel the world then, but I found the world squeezed in Kuopio, a small city in the eastern part of Finland. I am a single mom of two wonderful kids, which are as much part of Mo’zumo as myself. And here is Mo’zumo’s story and how it was created.

Mo’zumo is the result of a frustrated researcher and the need for more (Mo’).

Mo’zumo is also a concentrated summary of 19 years of working as a researcher, teacher and project coordinator at university. Mo’zumo contains my knowledge in understanding and knowing how to use “good” bacteria in food applications. It is also the result of my teaching in courses such as food fermentation, probiotics, gut health and product development. And finally, the “discovery” of quinoa through projects I coordinated. All in one little bottle!!

I knew many years ago I wasn’t a regular researcher. Doing research and publishing the results was never enough for me. I also recognized many years ago I was constantly seeing an application to everything I did.

So… the answer to my frustration came in December 2016 when I was approach by someone from the innovation department of my university. He said he heard about me and what I was doing, and thought it was a good case to apply for Business Finland funding. Business Finland had funding for projects on checking the commercialization potential of a research idea (TUTL).

After this, it all went very fast. I applied for the funding, got it and… that is how it all started!

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