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The project I started in 2017 gave me the opportunity to check whether my research idea, in this case Mo’zumo, had any commercialization potential.

Scientific research said YES!

I must admit that… it all started with a product where I combined all my knowledge (nutritious raw materials, fermentation, probiotics) but did not taste good. Some work needed to be done. After some tests, I was lucky enough to come up with the right combination of ingredients, processes and bacteria. I still believe this is the core of EVERYTHING that came after that.

Probiotic is a sensitive word… We use it in research, we use it when we publish but it is a big taboo in marketing and advertising. So let’s not say I proved that Mo’zumo has probiotic effect but instead that the bacteria used in Mo’zumo has shown to survive the passage through the gastrointestinal tract and proved to balance the intestinal microbiota, which… if you know the definition of probiotic, it is basically the same. But I am not saying “IT”!

Market research said YES!

The global food market projections from some sectors that apply to Mo’zumo…

Fermented 889 B USD (2023) CAGR 5 %

Healthy 812 B USD (2021) CAGR 6 %

Natural (clean) 192 B USD (2023) CAGR 13.7 %

Probiotics 69 B USD (2023) CAGR 7.0 %

Healthy snacks 33 B USD (2025) CAGR 5.1 %

Plant-based 6.5 B USD (2028) CAGR 7.1 %

Gluten-free 4.9 B USD (2021) CAGR 7.7 %

I don’t think it needs any other explanation; it is the right product and the right time!

Consumer research said YES!

Well, consumer research said NO to the first samples but after some tests… many tests… I found one good combination.

The first consumer’s research I did (other than Friends&family ones) was an event for children and their families. More than 100 feedbacks told me that I really had something interesting! and what it is best, that children liked it and they were not my children!!

After that, it keeps surprising me how much people like Mo’zumo.

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