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At the end of 2018, I applied for a food competition organized a S-ryhmä, one of the biggest supermarket chains in Finland. The winner would get to be in their supermarkets!

From more than hundred applications, they selected about thirty and Mo’zumo was one of them. Those thirty got to pitch in the semifinals in front of the judges; people specialized in food, design and communication. Again, Mo’zumo was selected! All finalist received 15.000€ to be used in product development in Foodwest.

After the semifinals, when I started to get more information about what was coming, I understood that they were making a reality TV show. Not something fitting my personality, but I also understood that it could be a great opportunity for Mo’zumo to get visibility and, who knows! also be in the supermarkets.

During the competition, we had to prepare the product concept, the brand, the packaging design, the product development, taste and flavors, risk assessment and launching strategy. All in about 3 months… THREE MONTHS!!

During the competition, my product went from being named Microshot, to QSmoothie, to finally Mo’zumo. I was asked to change also the company name, Probitat, but that… I refused. Not that I didn’t appreciate the advice, and I truly understood why they asked me to change it. But Probitat has everything they said I needed in a name; my personality, my roots, represents what I do, and the company’s values.

All the other finalists have great products! Most of them are well established companies, big teams, plenty of resources. My product tasted good when I started and had all the features that are trendy and consumers are looking for. But I was basically alone, I had too scientific view of my product, did not have a brand, a product name, or the product label… and no resources or any clue what to do!

During those three months, Mo’zumo got a name, a brand, a concept that regular people understand, a place where to produce it in bigger amounts and an image and identity to be used in marketing and communication. Whether Mo’zumo wins or not the competition, I can’t be prouder of myself and thankful for the experience, support from the judges, the other finalists, the production team and, of course, my kids, family and friends. It has been a great journey!

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