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This was the episode I was most nervous of all. What do I know about marketing and launching a product!!? And a Some ad!!? (I even had to search what “Some ad” means…). After my huge embarrassment with the magazine ad, I decided that I had to get help. Of course, help means money, and always comes with the tricky question of… what is your budget?

Seems like a simple question: You just fix a budget you can afford and that’s it. But when you have no freaking idea of the costs of anything in marketing and launching, anything can go from 10K€ till 100K€ or more. How do you decide your budget?

And the question after that is… does more money mean better job? I believe sometimes yes, but other times is just about finding the right person, that person that really understands your product. I did find a person that understood my product (thank you Ricardo!) but still did not convince the judges. After yesterday’s episode, when I realized they did not like the name of the product (again), I was left with the question… do I start all over again? New brand, new name?… more money… And time, do I have time for a new brand? No, I did not.

I took a huge decision then, because continuing with Mo’zumo meant making the judges… unhappy.

But I simply did not have the time to create another brand. I had exactly one week to present my product in the press release. How do you create a new brand and a label in one week? The answer is simple: You can’t… as hard as it is for me to admit it.

Anyway, I do like the name Mo’zumo! I know it does not mean anything to a Finnish person but I really hope it creates enough curiosity so that people would read more. The final label is just great! 😊

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